GF represents photographers, inventors and businesses. If an individual, corporation or website has used your copyrighted work, patent or trademark we will enforce your rights

Intellectual Property Litigation

GF’s practice is solidly versed in the protection of computer software, the graphic and visual arts, musical and audiovisual works, architectural works and textual (i.e. books) materials. GF attorneys have handled numerous cases protecting the copyrights of our clients. We also work with clients to protect and leverage often overlooked subjects of copyright protection, such as the internet, advertisements and labels.
GF actively handles patent litigation for individuals and corporations alike. We approach each case as a communication challenge: how to present complex technical and legal issues to a judge or jury in clear, persuasive language. Early in the case, F develops themes that clarify the key legal and scientific issues.
GF is currently involved in major trademark litigation. GF will seek to enforce the exclusive rights attaching to your trademark against any unauthorized use of your mark. Trade dress and unfair competition claims may also be brought. GF also seeks emergency provisional relief so often necessary in trademark cases.
Trademark Prosecution
GF advises clients on every stage of the process of selecting, registering and enforcing trademarks, both domestically and abroad; from assisting clients in selecting marks free for use and registration to implementing and overseeing nationwide efforts in concert with Customs and Border Protection Agents to prevent importation of goods bearing counterfeit marks, T. J. provides a full range of trademark services to his clients