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Class Action

GLG represents plaintiffs in class actions in Federal Court. Class actions, aggregate claims of an entire group of plaintiffs and can increase the efficiency of the legal process, and lower the costs of litigation. In cases with common questions of law and fact, aggregation of claims into a class action may avoid the necessity of repeating days of the same witnesses, exhibits and issues. A class action may also overcome the problem that small recoveries do not provide the incentive for any individual to bring a solo action prosecuting his or her rights. A class action solves this problem by aggregating the relatively small potential recoveries into a singe larger recovery. In other words, a class action ensures that a defendant who engages in widespread harm – but does so minimally against each individual plaintiff – must compensate those individuals for their injuries.
On August 30, GLG initiated one of the largest class actions ever filed alleging violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act or RICO on behalf of 12 million users of and dozens of related "adult dating" websites.
On August 30, GLG filed a wage and hour class action against Flex Mussels, a popular Upper East Side eatery. The class consists of all dishwashers who did not receive their minimum wage, overtime and spread=of-hours pay as required by law.
On March 12, 2010, GLG filed a wage and hour class action against Arista Associates, Inc. owners of six Patsy's Pizza, three Angelo's Pizza and three Dean's Pizzeria and Restaurant. The class consists of all dishwashers at these New York institutions. The dishwashers were paid $330 per week and worked 60-70 hours per week, a violation of New York State and Federal wage and hour laws.